CAPAL Public Service Internship & Scholarship Program

Public Service Internship
Places undergraduate and graduate students within public sector organizations based in the Washington, DC area and throughout the United States.

Intern duties may include:
Policy or Scientific Research, Project Coordination and Management, Business, Law, Communications, and more.

By Merrick Orot
Merrick Orot Career Advising Specialist
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5 Tips for Following Up With a Hiring Manager

The minutes, days, and sometimes even weeks after a job interview may bring a flurry of excitement, and, also, questions. Did I touch on all the topics I wanted to bring up? Did I effectively answer this or that question? Am I excited about the organization’s mission or goals? …

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Study Abroad in Taiwan!

Why Study Abroad Taiwan?
Academic Excellence

Taiwan is home to …

By Ron VanDon
Ron VanDon Career Advising Specialist
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