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Who’s Hiring?

**UPDATE: A PDF of the finalized listing of all present companies for this year’s job fair can be found below! No sign-in required.**

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Available job flyers (more information can be found at the Job Fair tables)

Need Help with Career Preparation?

Get help with career support by emailing:

  • Career Development Office — Sallie McDonald, Career Coach
  • Triton Advising Center — Ron VanDon or Merrick Orot, Career Advising Specialists
  • COMPASS (CNAS) — Shaylin Salas, CNAS Career Counseling

Career Guides

Don’t have time to meet? No problem. Check out our career guides for references:

Tips on How to Prep for the Job Fair

Additionally, here are a few items to bring with you:

  • Resume & Cover Letter — Consider bringing hard copies. If you can’t bring a hard copy, try to streamline your digital copies by using cloud services like google drive and a QR code for easy access.
  • A folder — You’ll likely come across tables with job applications, pamphlets, and various other items to save and look back later.
  • A notepad / note-taking device — You never know what sort of on-the-spot information you might come across that you need to jot down.
  • Positive Vibes — This is a great networking opportunity and a chance to meet people in various industries.

No matter what year or where you are at in your academic/career journey, we encourage everyone to sign up and attend the job fair. Even though you might not be currently job hunting, it’s never a bad idea to attend and gain an idea of what the job market is like and what sort of opportunities await for you in your latter college years or after graduation.

If you happen to get an on-the-spot interview, be prepared to-

On the flip side, you can also ask questions, if time permits.

  1. “What does a day to day in the office / field look like?” Job descriptions are often loaded with tons of detailed information. With this question, you might be able to get some insight into the general feel of the work environment.
  2. “Is this a position where I can receive more training that could lead to upward mobility?” In other words, is there a way for you to receive training or professional development so that you could grow within the company?

There are other topics such as employer benefits or salary range might be something to explore depending on the conversation. If not, you can always save these topics for the right time.

By Ron VanDon
Ron VanDon Career Advising Specialist