Campus Engagement and Visibility

As a company partner, staying connected with the University of Guam year-round has many benefits. The most direct benefit is having the ability to work closely with the university’s Career Development Office to build a promotion and recruitment strategy that will draw current or graduating students to your company.

Job Fairs

Every Fanuchånan semester (August to December), the Career Development Office hosts an Internship Fair. About 15 companies participated in the inaugural Internship Fair in September 2022, and we hope to double that company this time around! In the Fañomnåkan semester (January to May), UOG convenes the much larger, highly anticipated Job Fair.

On-Campus Recruitment

Companies and organizations can also schedule an “On-Campus Employer Recruitment” activity. For example, you can host info sessions, set up display tables to showcase your company, reserve a room to interview, or take on a role as a presenter in career development workshops.

Students can pick up an application at the table or just ask questions about the company. Employers can opt to have a table on campus for one to two days out of the week, for a period anywhere between one week to a couple of months. Although this activity may require a bit more manpower and preparation time than the Job Fair, it’s a great way to become familiar with the different academic programs on campus and talk to students in a quieter, more intimate setting.

Promote Your Opportunities