The University of Guam has partnered with Handshake, a platform where employers can recruit talented students for jobs and internships. Handshake logo in black.

As an Employer on Handshake, you could download applicants’ resumes, view student profiles, and send messages to prospective employees. Furthermore, any jobs you post on Handshake would be automatically approved and then automatically published here on our public career services website, Triton Career Connections. 

If you’ve already created an Employer User account on Handshake, skip to Step 5.

Step 1: Create an Employer User account on Handshake.

To create an Employer User account for your company, visit UOG’s Employer Login page at:

💡 Use a work email to sign in. It helps with the company verification process.

Step 2: Confirm email.

After filling out information about you (the recruiter) and the company, you will be prompted to confirm your email.

Within 10 minutes, you should receive an email that will contain a link (i.e., a red “Confirm Email” button) enabling you to confirm your account. This link is active for 12 hours after being sent.

Step 3: Build your company profile.

Once you confirm your email, you will either be prompted to connect to an existing company profile based on your email domain*, or click the “Create New Company” button on the right.**

*If there are several company profiles associated with your email domain, be sure to review the details for each profile before clicking “Request.”

**Please fill out the information about your company as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Company profiles with current, accurate information are faster to be approved.

Step 4: Connect with UOG.

Click “Next: Connect to Schools.” (You can also access this step from your Handshake homepage by clicking on “Schools” on the left side of the screen.)

Search for “University of Guam” in the search bar. Click “Request Connection.”

💡 After building your Employer profile, you may receive an email that says, “Your account is under review,” which means that Handshake is verifying the company website, location, and other details. Otherwise, you should receive an email that says, “Your account is now active.” When that happens, you’ll be able to post auto-approved jobs and communicate with UOG students on Handshake.

Step 5: Post job and internship opportunities.

From your Handshake homepage, select “Post a Job.” Fill out the Basics, Details, Preferences, and Schools as prompted. 

💡 Under “Preferences,” select the most appropriate majors based on the job description. This ensures the most qualified students see the job announcement in their feed.

Additional Information and Tips: