Republic of Palau Student Organization (RPSO)

Student Organizations

To promote the best interest of all members of the organization in GCC and UOG’s educational, social, and recreational activities.

Public Administration and Legal Studies Society (PALSS)

Student Organizations

Promote interest in criminal justice and public administration, foster leadership in government and social issues, encourage improvement of public service …

Political Science Student Association (PSSA)

Student Organizations

To promote the study of government and politics, enhance awareness, and facilitate discussion about politics and relevant issues in current …

Pohnpei Student Organization (PSO)

Student Organizations

Promote harmonious relationships and well-being among the members of the Pohnpeian Student Organization, other non-student Pohnpeians on Guam, fellow students …

Phi Alpha Alpha – Public Affairs and Administration Honors Society (PAA)

Student Organizations

The purpose of this society shall be to encourage and recognize outstanding scholarship and accomplishment in public affairs and administration, …

Mane’lon Marianas (MM)

To serve as a platform to practice, promote and share Chamorro culture and language. We will serve as an avenue …

Kosrae Student Organization (KSO)

Student Organizations

To help promote social and cultural activities on campus. To become better leaders in their families and personal lives as …

Junior Accountants Society (JAS)

Student Organizations

To promote the accounting professions in the university and to assist its members in learning about the different aspects of …

International Friendship Club (IFC)

Student Organizations

Our purpose is establishing friendships beyond seas and borders.