FBI (Honolulu)

An Inside Look at Working for the FBI
At the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), our employees bring their
skills, talents, hearts and integrity to their crucial roles — getting ahead
of threats, upholding the law, defending civil rights and civil liberties
and protecting innocent people.

So Much More than a Job
A “routine” day for a Special Agent is anything but routine. It may
entail interviewing a subject for an ongoing investigation in the
morning, testifying in court before lunch, planning an operation in
the afternoon and speaking at a community event in the evening.
Our professional employees provide their unique expertise to
manage the day-to-day operation of an agency consisting of 36,000
employees. They are embedded on teams that seek out cyber thieves,
infiltrate organized crime rings and oversee terrorism investigations.
Members of our team are often involved in training local, state and
foreign counterparts on the latest technologies in intelligence-
gathering and data analysis.

We’re looking for individuals with leadership abilities, those motivated
to take on new and complex challenges and set high moral standards
for their colleagues and teams. If working for a mission-driven
organization and having a fulfilling and varied career is important
to you, the FBI is the place for you. You can have multiple careers
once you’re in the FBI. The first step is getting in.