5 Ways Tutoring Will Amplify Your Financial & Professional Future

As you make your way through college, a common question you might ask yourself is what money-earning opportunity you can find to fill your time, your mind, and your wallet while also finishing your education. Luckily, as the world embraces …

By Maximilian Vanegas - WayUp
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3 Surprising Reasons You May Be Struggling to Find a Job

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

You’re frustrated. You’ve made countless resume updates for dozens of job applications, freshened up your social profiles, created a fancy portfolio, and jazzed up your interview wardrobe. It’s been an exhausting cycle. After months …

By Val Matta - CareerShift
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Dare to Declare 2022

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Be inspired to declare your major!
Meet and greet UOG’s 30+ student organizations;
Listen to graduate testimonials;
Win raffle prizes;
And more!

By Tamar Celis
Tamar Celis Career Advising Specialist
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What Are Verbal Communication Skills?

If you’ve explained a difficult concept to a teammate or taught a friend about a project you’re working on, chances are you used verbal communication skills. These are the soft skills you use when talking to someone else. A person …

By Zoe Kaplan - Forage
Showcase your skills. Find your career fit.
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By Sallie McDonald
Sallie McDonald Program Coordinator IV, Certified Job & Career Development & Transition Coach
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TRiO SSS Open House: Learn more about this program for UOG students

University of Guam students who are interested in academic tutoring, advice on what classes to take, learning more about financial aid, and more, are encouraged to attend the upcoming virtual Open House events hosted by TRiO Student Support Services (SSS).

By Sallie McDonald
Sallie McDonald Program Coordinator IV, Certified Job & Career Development & Transition Coach
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Pacific Islander volunteers needed for COVID-19 study

Incentives of up to $75 are available for Pacific Islander volunteers willing to participate in an ongoing University of Guam–led study. The study, called the UOG RADx-UP: Protecting Life Project, seeks to learn more about Pacific Islanders’ knowledge and understanding …

By University of Guam
University of Guam
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