The Intelligence and Cybersecurity Diversity Fellowship Student Roundtable

Calling all Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Students!

The Intelligence and Cybersecurity Diversity Fellowship Program is designed to help DHS recruit, retain, and reward the best and brightest in the fields of intelligence or cybersecurity. The program provides qualified students opportunities to work alongside highly skilled intelligence or cybersecurity professionals at DHS, gain hands-on technical experience, interact with experts and peers at professional development events and expand their professional network at national conferences. 

The program will recruit high-performing individuals in intelligence or cybersecurity career paths from institutions of higher learning to support DHS’s mission. During the 12-week program, participants will be immersed in a federal work environment by collaborating with subject matter expert mentors on projects and performing assigned tasks on the intelligence and cybersecurity track. 

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Fri, Jul 19
3:00 AM – 4:30 AM GMT+10
*Online event*

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By Merrick Orot
Merrick Orot Career Advising Specialist