2023 Pacific Preservation Internship

The Guam Preservation Trust is once again offering a summer internship program for 10 students. Each student will have the opportunity to do a two-week internship during one of the five (5) blocks during the summer. Should space be available, the student intern may opt to continue their internship in other available blocks. A stipend will also be provided to each student for each project completed during their block.

Interested individuals should submit their application before May 30th 4:00 pm. If you have any questions, please call 671-472-9439.

Who Can Join?

This opportunity is open to all students in any university course or study. If you have passion in learning about historical preservation and how various fields can harmonize with preserving our island’s culture, this is a great opportunity to explore those avenues.

Want to Apply?

Head over to GPT’s summer internship page to learn more details about this opportunity and application process.

By Ron VanDon
Ron VanDon Career Advising Specialist