A Career in Conservation

Conservation Leadership Internship

For many faculty and students at the University of Guam, our eyes are routinely treated by the gorgeous panoramic view of Pago Bay. You know the view, I’m sure: as you follow the road of what would be the top of the hill leading down to the University of Guam’s Marine Lab, you can see the rough coastline stretch along the green, untouched hills of natural and ancient beauty. There is something deep about the view that, at least for me, demands not only respect but also concern for its preservation. And if you live on an island long enough, it is hard to ignore the influences and the impact of the wider world.

Pursuing a career in conservation can be a way to address similar concerns, especially when considering the grander ecosystem of our island and the wider region of Micronesia. If you are looking for a place to start, then perhaps you might want to look at Kupu Hawaii’s Conservation Leadership Program.

Kupu Hawaii’s Conservation Leadership Program boasts “rigorous, entry level opportunities for early professionals (17 years or older) that want to commit to a career of conservation.” They also have the numbers to prove it: 36,000 volunteer hours, nearly 70,000 species planted, and just over 20,000 acres treated. That said, there are plenty of characteristics about this internship program that make it quite flexible and lucrative for the student looking to take that leap:

  • You can apply for a position not only in Hawaii but Guam, Northern Marianas Islands (Saipan and Rota), and American Samoa.
  • Join in for an 8 week long program to a full year
  • Monthly living allowance (amount depends on the location)
  • Students who take a full year may earn an education award (similar to a scholarship) of $6495.00
  • An opportunity for interests earned on educational loans to be paid for by AmeriCorps
    (And more)

If you want to learn more about this opportunity, head over to our Job and Internship page under “Stateside or International Internships”, or you can go to Kupu Hawaii’s page directly to see if this is the program for you. The priority deadline to start during the Summer is past but students are still encouraged to apply!

By Ron VanDon
Ron VanDon Career Advising Specialist