What Can You Do with an Education Degree?

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For many, teaching is more than just a job. It’s a calling. And if you feel the calling to make a difference in the lives of students through every stage of their development, pursuing a degree in education is an excellent way to do so. A degree in education helps prepare students for roles as teachers, administrators, principals, and other rewarding careers in schools and universities. From K-8 to high school and postsecondary, there are opportunities for teachers at every level of the public and private school system.

Because all states require at least a bachelors’ degree to become a public school teacher, earning a degree in education can give you a solid foundation in lesson planning and instruction, classroom management, psychology, pedagogy, and other teaching best practices. Education degrees also offer a variety of concentrations, so you can shape your training around the career you want. Although you can become a teacher with a degree in a subject other than education, pursing an education degree is the most straightforward and direct route into the profession.

This guide helps prospective educators explore a range of education careers, degrees, and work environments and will answer the question, “what can you do with an education degree?”

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By Jamaica Aira Nakama
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